Social Media Stats

Total Video Views : 100+ million

Facebook 110,000 followers
YouTube : 24,500 subscribers
Instagram : 26,000 followers
Snapchat : 10,000 followers

Brand Campaigns

“World Cup” Campaign

231,754 total views

“Simple” Campaign

337,754 total views

Christian Super
“Make it Super” Campaign

316,600 total views

“Throwing Things” Campaign

2,520,457 total views

Throwing in an ice-cream shop

Walk into your first day of work like…#throwing Gelatissimo Gelatissimo Watson's Bay

Posted by Hi Josh on Monday, 22 June 2015

“Drop More Care Less” Campaign

708,688 total views

Trying to break the new iPhone X!

Does the new iPhone X break?!I threw it at some strangers to find out! 😂Check out the case here!

Posted by Hi Josh on Friday, 3 November 2017

“National Pool Conference” Campaign

120,356 total views